1st Dutch Speech Technology Day

The 1st Dutch Speech Tech Day will be at Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision on Monday 20th of February. It connects students, researchers, developers and users of speech technology in the Netherlands. It is an opportunity for participants to learn about the cutting-edge in this field, get informed about new developments, and build networks for collaboration. The Dutch Speech Tech Day is for all people interested in and working on speech technology.

  • Students can learn about developments in industry and build networks.
  • Researchers can engage with breakthrough science and find team members for new collaborations.
  • Developers and users can connect with scientists and industry around topics of shared interest.

As the quality of speech and voice technology has improved dramatically in recent years, there is an increased demand for using it in practical scenarios in a variety of application domains, from interaction with conversational agents and robots via tools in education and e-health to transcription services for individuals and organisations. We notice that the speech and voice technology community in The Netherlands is growing. Bringing this community together will be an excellent opportunity to engage with the newest insights on speech tech from academia, to hear about what companies and governmental organisations are working on, to share experiences and unite people working on speech and voice technology around shared values of inclusivity, innovation and shared purpose.

1st Dutch Speech Tech Day Website

Call for posters, demos and stands at information market


Stichting Open Spraaktechnologie 

supported by 

De Nederlandstalige Spraakcoalitie, NOTaS and Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

For enquiries or more information, please contact:

For the registration, see registration

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