The SpeechBrain Toolkit

There is an interesting and completely open source initiative called the “SpeechBrain Toolkit“. Somehow it was not on our radar, even if they’ve been around for a couple years already. So we maybe it is useful to share an overview of this project here, too. In a nutshell, the goal is:

… create a singleflexible, and user-friendly toolkit that can be used to easily develop state-of-the-art speech technologies, including systems for speech recognition (both end-to-end and HMM-DNN), speaker recognitionspeech separationmulti-microphone signal processing (e.g, beamforming), self-supervised and unsupervised learningspeech contamination / augmentation, and many others. The toolkit will be designed to be a stand-alone framework, but simple interfaces with well-known toolkits, such as Kaldi will also be implemented

The toolkit is developed by researchers at the University of Montréal and Avignon Université together with a diverse consortium — including many big players in speech tech, like NVIDIA, Cambridge, and even Yoshua Bengio, the inventor of DNN and Turing Award winner!

The SpeechBrain team actively welcomes collaboration to extend application areas and use cases, so check them out! Here’s an overview on YouTube to get you started.

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